Andrew Lutz

The HTFA has four divisions including a womens division and plays games on Saturday mornings from early May until Championship Day in early October or late September.

Games are played at local high schools and Mohawk Sports Complex on the east mountain.
The season is under way now with 33 teams and over 400 players.
Teams can check their standings on the stats page and consult the schedule for their next game.
Have a great season and e-mail me with any questions.

Kieran Boyle


Playoff Matchups and Standings

Sunday August 23, 2015

As scores come in, whenever possible, we are determining playoff matchups. When teams are tied, the tiebreakers are used. The standings are not able to use the tiebreaker rules. For example, it may be possible that the standings shows a team is third when the playoff matchup says the team is fourth.

The playoff matchups are set using the tiebreakers. Those matchups reflect the accurate final standings.

Tiebreakers, in order are:

1. Game results of tied teams
2. Record against teams in own division
3. Overall Points For, Against Tied Teams
4. Points For, Against
5. Points For

Note that there is a final late re-scheduled game in B Division for Tuesday August 25. Playoff matchups may not be 100% determined until the result of that game is known. Check back often for the most recent results. Playoffs in B Division begin Thursday August 27.

Thanks for your help in getting all scores reported ASAP.


Tuesday August 18, 2015

To All Teams:


Playoffs for some divisions start August 27.

In order to give teams as much notice as possible about their Playoff matchups, all scores for all divisions must be in by Monday August 24 at 4:00 pm.

Playoff matchups will be determined with scores submitted at that time. No scores will be accepted after this time and playoff matchups are final.

Teams are responsible to report their scores.


All scores are due Wednesday September 2 by 4:00 pm. Playoff matches will be determined by the scores submitted by this deadline. All playoff matches are final and no scores will be accepted after the above deadline.


Playoff scores must be submitted within 48 hours of the game in order to post the next round matchups and give teams as much notice as possible.

Please be fair to all teams and submit scores ASAP after the games.

Good luck with the playoffs.

Dynasty Games Cancelled for Remainder of the Season

Tuesday August 18, 2015

Any A Division Team who is or will be scheduled a game against the Dynasty will be given a default win as of August 19, 2015. This includes playoff matchups.

Final Meeting for Womens League

Friday August 14, 2015

To All Womens Team League Reps

A final meeting has been set to collect remaining fees for this season.

Tuesday August 18
Huntington Park Rec Centre
Room 4
7:30 pm

Rosters Missing and Need To Be Submitted

Monday June 22, 2015

Some teams have not submitted their team roster as required. Please submit the completed Excel file as requested before your next game to avoid team fines and suspensions. Submit the file to Kieran Boyle and Jeff Moore by e-mail.

A picture is not acceptable for Touch Football Ontario and the completed form must be submitted.

Teams who submitted a picture and must submit the completed Excel file: Boilermakers, Hornets, Razorbacks, Red Eyes and Wildcats (Mens Division)

Teams who have not submitted any roster:

A Division

Junk Squad

B Division

Armbar Athletics

C Division


Womens Division

End Zone Divas

Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.