Andrew Lutz

The HTFA has four divisions including a womens division and plays games on Saturday mornings from early May until Championship Day in early October or late September.

Games are played at local high schools and Mohawk Sports Complex on the east mountain.
The season is under way now with 33 teams and over 400 players.
Teams can check their standings on the stats page and consult the schedule for their next game.
Have a great season and e-mail me with any questions.

Kieran Boyle


Rosters Missing and Need To Be Submitted

Monday June 22, 2015

Some teams have not submitted their team roster as required. Please submit the completed Excel file as requested before your next game to avoid team fines and suspensions. Submit the file to Kieran Boyle and Jeff Moore by e-mail.

A picture is not acceptable for Touch Football Ontario and the completed form must be submitted.

Teams who submitted a picture and must submit the completed Excel file: Boilermakers, Hornets, Razorbacks, Red Eyes and Wildcats (Mens Division)

Teams who have not submitted any roster:

A Division

Junk Squad

B Division

Armbar Athletics

C Division


Womens Division

End Zone Divas

Thanks for your prompt attention in this matter.

Division Breakdown For 2015

Tuesday May 5, 2015

To All Mens League Teams:

The HTFA strives to field a competitive touch football experience for all. While teams may request a certain division, that request may not be accommodated in order that the HTFA can create as much competitive balance as possible.

This year, to honour all the requests made by teams would have resulted in some divisions having far too many teams, while others would have had far too few.

No one wants to play the same team over and over again. At the same point, we don't want divisions that are so large, teams never play each other during the year.

When teams look at the divisions this year, we ask that instead of focussing only on where your individual team is, look at all the teams in your division.

In an overwhelming number of cases, teams will see that they will be playing teams that they have seen before and some teams they have not.

Note that instead of 4 divisions, this year there are only 3. That compression resulted in a significant alignment difference from last season.

The Executive spent a great deal of time on the division alignment, and while no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, the placement of all teams was made in the best interests of competitive balance and creating the best touch football season for all.

Have a Great Season! Kickoff is May 9.

Kickoff 2015!

Monday May 4, 2015

Keep checking under the "Schedule/Standings" tab.

The 2015 Mens Schedule will be posted very shortly.

Season begins Saturday May 9.

Lasat Meeting to Pay Fees for 2015 HTFA Season

Thursday April 30, 2015

There will be one last meeting for all teams to attend and pay any outstanding fees in order to play in the 2015 HTFA Touch Football Season. Teams who have paid in full do not need to attend.

The HTFA Schedule will be created after this meeting. Kickoff is May 9 for Mens League, Womens League has a later Kickoff Date.

Sunday May 3
Squires 1508 Upper James Street
7:30 pm

Fees due: Any team with fees to be paid.

Mens League: New Teams, $1900.00 Returning Teams, $1750.00

Womens League: $1400.00

2015 Season Kick-Off and Last Payment Due

Sunday April 26, 2015

The HTFA Mens League Kickoff is Saturday May 9!

There will be one last date where teams must make final payment to gain admittance to the HTFA for 2015. This date will be announced here and the schedule will be posted following that last payment meeting.

Womens League final cost is being calculated with a season start date also to be published here.

Thanks for your patience.