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The HTFA has four divisions including a womens division and plays games on Saturday mornings from early May until Championship Day in early October or late September.

Games are played at local high schools and Mohawk Sports Complex on the east mountain.
The season is under way now with 33 teams and over 400 players.
Teams can check their standings on the stats page and consult the schedule for their next game.
Have a great season and e-mail me with any questions.

Kieran Boyle


Thank You to Kieran Boyle

Sunday September 24, 2017

After 26 years as the HTFA League President, Kieran Boyle is stepping down.

Kieran became President of the HTFA just after a very difficult time for the league. Without Kieran, it is extremely likely the HTFA would have ended those many years ago.

Under Kieran's leadership:

-a league website was created and received major updates many times to keep pace with the times and technologies to communicate effectively with the teams

-Kieran also made creating a Womens League his priority and the Womens Division is now a very competitive and strong division

-the Touch Football National Championships have been played in Hamilton several times and the profile of the HTFA has been raised significantly

-a new on-line registration process was also initiated to ensure rosters are correct and up to date

-Kieran has found may ways to celebrate Championship Day to obtain sponsors, select prizes, trophies and MVP recognition on the most important day of the league calendar

-Kieran championed the HTFA to obtain time on the prime field locations in the City for HTFA games

-the HTFA is a strong and sustainable league and has averaged close to 30 teams during his entire term as President

Being the President of a recreational league requires many hours of time that could be spent on family and other interests. Kieran has taken on all this time without reward or formal recognition. Due to health issues, Kieran has not played touch football himself in some time.

Yet, he continued to serve the league to the best of his ability and continued to network to create one of the best touch football leagues in the Province of Ontario.

The members of the Executive cannot thank Kieran enough for this contributions to the HTFA during this last quarter of a century.

We will see Kieran in his league capacity one last time at the Annual General Meeting in February 2018 where the HTFA will be electing a League President for the first time in 26 years.

Thank you to our close friend, Kieran Boyle. Thank you to Denise for supporting Kieran during all those hours he was not at home when he was working for the members of the league.

The HTFA Executive: Ken, Al, Pete, Jeff, Trevor, Brett

Go Chiefs!

2017 Season is Concluded

Sunday September 24, 2017

The HTFA 2017 season ended Saturday September 25, 2017 with 4 games played at Mohawk Sports Complex. Thanks to all teams for a great season. We look to see you at the HTFA Annual Meeting in February to elect a new President and Executive.

On-line Registration for 2017

Sunday March 19, 2017

To register for the 2017 HTFA season:

-attend the March 20, 2017 meeting with the $750 deposit
-attend the April 24, 2017 meeting with the remainder of the league fee
-register your team on-line

To Register On-line

-go to

-if you registered a team last year

-use your current login info
-Click "My Registrations"
-search for past registrations
-click on Touch Football Ontario
-click Sign Up
-click Sign Up Now
-update your profile and your team from last year will be saved
-update your team by adding, deleting, editing player info
-pay the $150 fee on-line (this fee is separate from the HTFA league fees)
-Karelo will send an e-mail insurance waiver to each player that must be accepted by e-mail in order to play the 2017 HTFA season or Touch Football Tournaments

If you have forgotten your Karelo login information, follow the steps on their website to recover your password and follow the steps above to register your team.

If you have not used Karelo before, follow the instructions on their website to create an account and then create your team for the HTFA 2017 season.

Karelo allows for 21 players, the HTFA allows for 23 players. Players 22 and 23 must sign the HTFA paper waiver to be eligible to play in the HTFA for 2017. All players must also sign the hard copy HTFA waiver available on the HTFA website on the "Links" page. Players 22 and 23 are not eligible for Touch Football Ontario tournaments.

Send registration problems with Karelo to:

Team rosters and waiver forms are due at the April 24, 2017 meeting. Print the roster from Karelo for this meeting.