Andrew Lutz

The HTFA has four divisions including a womens division and plays games on Saturday mornings from early May until Championship Day in early October or late September.

Games are played at local high schools and Mohawk Sports Complex on the east mountain.
The season is under way now with 33 teams and over 400 players.
Teams can check their standings on the stats page and consult the schedule for their next game.
Have a great season and e-mail me with any questions.

Kieran Boyle


Playoff Info

Wednesday August 24, 2016

Some playoff information for all teams:

-there is no coin toss, the higher ranked team gets choice
-in event of a tie, converts will be used, each team gets 3 convert attempts, if still tied, then sudden death

IMMEDIATE ACTION: Litter and Reported Consumption of Alcohol on City Fields

Monday June 13, 2016

To All Team Reps

The HTFA has been sent notice from the City of Hamilton regarding complaints about the prevalence of litter at fields used by the league. In addition, reports have been made about alcohol and "tailgating" occurring at the fields.

Contents of the letter from the City:

"In addition to the litter, it has been reported through residents in the area that there is some aspect of tailgating that occurs following play. I am informing you that the consumption of alcoholic beverages on City of Hamilton sports facilities is strictly prohibited. It is an offense under the Liquor Licence Act, in regards to liability, and furthermore, is in violation of Section 11 (1) and (2) of the City of Hamilton By-law 95-126 (as amended), without written authorization of City Council, and shall only be allowed provided certain conditions are met."

Further reports of the above can lead to the league losing access to the fields.

We ask all teams and players to immediately regulate their team and to leave the field in good condition without litter and that consuming alcohol at the fields is prohibited.

Final Schedule in the Standings Page

Monday May 16, 2016

To all Teams:

The final 2016 HTFA Schedule is now on the Standings page.

Registration Link

Wednesday March 30, 2016

The following message was sent to team reps regarding team registration.

Hello All,
Thank you for you're understanding on the NEW registration via TFONT. For those who paid and left without getting the info might be surprised with what has to be done as a team rep now.

As stated there will be bumps please be patient and it is the REPS responsibility not the HTFA to make sure all players have done their both waivers and are legit to touch the field of play.

Remember ALL teams must have goal post pads 6 feet tall, 2inches thick, min 4 securing straps.
All players will have a the same shirt, or jersey as the team registered. That number will be his/hers for the remainder of the year.
If your team colour is the same as the team your playing against home team must change and as stated all players must have THEIR number to be eligible to play.
TFONT waiver, and our HTFA waiver must be filled out and handed in at next meeting…. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO PLAYER CAN PLAY WITHOUT BOTH WAIVERS AND ON THE TEAM ROSTER.

I will be asking TFONT if we can as a league keep our max player 23man roster …
Here is your link to register via TFONT for your roster…